What's up with this yoyo string?

''Lab-Grade'' String

Yoyo string that feels good and consistently performs on a high level makes yoyoing much more fun.  Everything I do is focused on bringing that fun through really nice string.

Where did the YOYOSTRINGLAB name come from?  I love designing, building and making things.  When it comes to making yoyo string, my enthusiasm is focused like I am running a mini laboratory.  At the "Lab" I am developing formulas, testing strings, and building methods & apparatus to make a better result.

The outcome is my "Lab-Grade" string, which players are discovering brings a great combination of the characteristics they love.  Plus, they are finding some new ones they hadn't imagined before.

  • Smooth feel
  • Great high speed performance
  • Maintains bounce and bright colors
  • Whips, slacks and suicides well
  • Great in humidity without nylon feel
  • Super consistent batch to batch











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