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Type X - This is our medium weight, high performance  string.  Type X is designed to hold tension and make it easier to land your moves.  The whip speed is faster than basic string, but just right for control.  This string is soft, really lasts and the colors stay unusually bright for high visibility.  Type X is a great all-around string.

"Type X" 100-string bundle $40.00 Colors

AMMO - This is the signature string of World Champion, Johnnie DelValle.  Ammo is a thicker version of Type X with the tension tweaked to JD's preference. The added weight is great for whips, slack play and trick binds. 

"AMMO" 100-string bundle $50.00 Colors

Venom - This signature string of USA National Champion, Eric Koloski, is tuned for competition.  It's a medium thickness string optimized for whips and slack play without the extra thickness of Ammo. 

"Venom" 100-string bundle $55.00 Colors

Clothing - Get some "Lab wear".  Click the T-shirt to see the clothing store.  Clothing is ordered and shipped seperately from string orders. 

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